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Founded at Yale University in 2022

Academic lectures focused on environmental health and law inspired our team to launch HomySafe.

Policies to protect our health are not proactive, and it is hard for homeowners to understand what solutions are necessary to improve the quality of their air, water, and home environment.​ We started Homysafe to educate and empower homeowners to resolve environmental issues in their home and improve their health.


Our Founder

Timothy Skalaban has more than a decade of experience in consulting and project management. He studied finance and economics in undergrad, and recently received a master’s degree in environmental health from Yale University. He has a deep passion for the outdoors, nutrition, and overall well-being. Tim's journey led him to establish HomySafe to explore ways to make our homes healthier. His vision is to turn our living spaces into places that promote well-being and align with the natural environment. Under Tim's leadership, the company combines his diverse knowledge and unwavering dedication to create a positive impact on individuals and families, reshaping the connection between our homes and our health, all with a focus on a healthier, more sustainable future.

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Our Mission

To create the safest and healthiest home environments humanly possible by utilizing the most advanced technologies, products, services, and research. HomySafe’s products and services will be supported by the latest research, advice from regulatory agencies around the world, and technology companies at the forefront of environmental health.

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